Short profile, “Third side”: useful or not?

Short profile, “Third side”: useful or not?

In the application process there are situations where it can make sense to include a short profile or a “third party” with an application. Sometimes such a profile can also replace the entire application, for example if there are large gaps in the résumé. With a few tips, you can still score points in your cover letter.

  • A (short) profile can also be used as a short application. Submit your CV and cover letter if necessary.
  • A “third page” is mostly unnecessary, but can be useful as a project list, literature appendix, etc.
  • (Short) profile or “third party” should contain facts, results, descriptions, no phrases.

Brief profile or “third party” in your application

Your profile is about as factual a list of data, facts and statements about yourself as possible. It is best to find a headline that is as meaningful as possible. Here are a few tips.

  • Why you should hire me as a company
  • Profile * First Name Last Name *
  • * First name, last name “- experience and qualifications, studies, training, etc.
  • Why I am applying to you
  • That speaks for me
  • What I can do for you
  • My cover letter at a glance
  • or also: That’s me …
  • and: … I can do that for you!

You can also use these headings to indicate what your application is about. For example, if you use the short profile to * hide * gaps in your application documents and perhaps even replace your résumé, you simply have to proceed differently: Put the cards on the table and use a heading like “That speaks for me: “

What else belongs in the short profile of an application:

  • Sender, address details, telephone number and email
  • Title
  • Brief introduction: That’s me and I can do it
  • Highlights in the professional career
  • Experience, qualifications, motivation in indents in several paragraphs below one another
  • Place, date and handwritten signature

With the introduction you can point out what you are talking about. If your résumé is not completely complete, it is best to write:

  • I would like to introduce myself to you as an employee in the warehouse / logistics department. My brief profile shows that I already have experience in this field.

Then relevant knowledge, soft skills or significant competencies are listed. The result could look like this:

Sample tip for a short profile:

Marie Musterfrau from Irgendwostr. 1
12345 Anywhere
Fon 012 34567890
[email protected]

What I want to tell you about myself:

Dear contact person,

At the moment I am doing further training in the field of “warehouse / logistics”. I already have experience in this job and now apply to you.

What I’m good at:
– I can lend a hand.
– I help my colleagues.
– I am careful and attentive.

What I have already done:
– Collaboration at Packan GmbH as a temporary worker (2 years)
– Support at the football tournament in a small town, construction and dismantling, planning and securing (5 years in June at the Ort-Kleinstadt eV association)
– Further training in “Warehouse / Logistics” (Vocational Training Center XY, Ort-Kleinstadt, 6 months)

My interests:
– getting things done
– exchanging ideas with colleagues
– working in a team

Not everything has gone well for me lately. But I’ve learned what I enjoy and now I know what I’m good at. So I’m happy when we can talk to each other in person.

Ort-Kleinstadt, June 23, 2016

Marie Musterfrau

Tips for a “third party”

  • For example, if you are doing a doctorate or writing a scientific résumé, you have to attach a list of publications . This includes your publications, but also conference participation, papers, posters, lectures etc.
  • Anyone applying in the IT or business consulting sector can attach a project list in tabular form. Here you think about a suitable system such as “period, customer, volume, project description” and can thus present your knowledge very clearly. A corresponding presentation in the résumé would simply take up too much space and thus confusing.

Extra tip:

Formulate your short profile individually in every application. After all, you want to highlight yourself in your letter of motivation.

For whom is a “third page” in the application suitable?

The short profile is particularly suitable in an application for specialists and managers who, for example, are aiming for a higher position internally or are applying to another company and want to emphasize their professional skills.

For whom is a short profile in the application not suitable?

Young professionals who have just finished their studies or training. Due to the lack of professional experience, insufficiently convincing facts or arguments can be produced.

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