Requirements for team leaders: You need these skills

Requirements for team leaders: You need these skills

Career opportunities sometimes arise unexpectedly. Your company is looking for a team leader or you have discovered an interesting job advertisement for this position. Now ask yourself whether you are up to the challenge. Your personality has a major influence on whether you as a Senior Manager lead your team to success. With the right attitude and willingness to learn, you have the necessary prerequisites. Do you have what it takes to be a successful team leader? We show what demands are placed on team leaders – and how you can prepare for them in a targeted manner.

When climbing the career ladder, management and social skills are required.

These tasks await you as a team leader

Team managers are responsible for ensuring that the work in the group works well and that the goals set are achieved. Senior managers provide their team with the necessary information, determine the framework conditions, train their staff and are the contact persons for questions and problems. Depending on the respective project and the requirements, team leaders work closely with their staff or let those involved act independently. They take on the steering role and monitor the process in order to intervene if necessary. An important task is moderating the team. The manager stimulates discussions that lead to new approaches and ideas. If there are specific guidelines, the senior manager moderates the teamwork and steers the discussions in the right direction. The management of the team is linked to the support of individual employees. Team managers motivate their teammates, solve relationship problems within the group and provide their help with conflicts.

These are the requirements for team leaders

Taking over the leadership of a team requires good preparation. By managing employees, you gain new expertise, new perspectives and new opportunities – because headhunters often look for candidates who already have management experience. Senior managers have a number of personal qualifications. These primarily include self-confidence, assertiveness and social intelligence. In addition to these characteristics, several core competencies are relevant, which can be summarized in the following roles:

  • Consultant : As a team manager, you work in an advisory capacity, support your team and clarify content-related and methodological questions.
  • Negotiating partner : You are responsible for ensuring that your team receives the necessary funds and that suitable personnel are available for your projects.
  • Conflict manager : You recognize problems and help your team members to solve them.
  • Moderator : You use the right moderation techniques and thus ensure that everyone in the team pursues the same goal.
  • Coordinator : You organize the work processes, monitor the budget and are responsible for keeping deadlines.

The requirement profile for team leaders is demanding and includes technical and soft skills. Headhunters report that many employers pay attention to qualifications. Relevant further training in group and team management offers optimal preparation for assuming personnel responsibility. Corresponding courses can be completed at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as private educational institutions.

Find your management style

Your leadership style is one of the essential success factors for teamwork. Motivated teams with a high willingness to work perform better and make fewer mistakes. Bad bosses are plentiful. Understand how your behavior affects the outcome and hone your management style. How to lead your team effectively can be learned. It is also important that you work on yourself and still remain authentic.

Plan the next steps

Are you ready for a career jump? Follow the advice of the headhunters and prepare yourself well for your new challenge. Take advantage of opportunities in your everyday professional life and gain initial experience in leadership. Most companies prefer to recruit an executive from within their own ranks. Talk to the HR department and find out which further training measures are possible for committed employees so that you can meet the demands of team leaders.

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