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Key knowledge and skills in the work. Ability to organize the work of subordinates. Project management skills, business leadership

Requirements for team leaders: You need these skills

Career opportunities sometimes arise unexpectedly. Your company is looking for a team leader or you have discovered an interesting job advertisement for this position. Now ask yourself whether you are up to the challenge. Your personality has a major influence on whether you as a Senior Manager lead your team to success. With the right

Acquiring new customers: Tips for acquisition

The acquisition of new customers is a task that should be permanently on the to-do list of every company – also or even especially when the company is doing really well. Because at the latest when one or even several important regular customers and the cooperation, things can quickly become tight for a company. It

Short profile, “Third side”: useful or not?

In the application process there are situations where it can make sense to include a short profile or a “third party” with an application. Sometimes such a profile can also replace the entire application, for example if there are large gaps in the résumé. With a few tips, you can still score points in your