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We have prepared useful tips for you so that you can feel comfortable in the workplace.

Why do you want to switch?

Your boss is bad? Have you been bored to death with your areas of responsibility for months and your colleagues are real pain in the ass? If these reasons contain a grain of truth, you shouldn’t answer the question “Why do you want to switch?” In the interview. We explain how you justify your wish

How to spot bad bosses

Contrary to popular belief, a low salary is not the main reason why many people quit. Bad bosses are the ones who are really behind it and are responsible for making us lose faith and trust in our own careers. Terms like “bad bosses” or “harmful managers” are subjective. Nevertheless, we try to understand who

Can you keep difficult employees in check?

No matter how perfectly you design your own work environment, one problem factor is difficult to control: Difficult employees. Suddenly a absolute top employee shows questionable performance and a reliable employee appears irregularly for work. Important reports are a long time coming at crucial meetings. As a manager, you therefore need to know how to