Acquiring new customers: Tips for acquisition

Acquiring new customers: Tips for acquisition

The acquisition of new customers is a task that should be permanently on the to-do list of every company – also or even especially when the company is doing really well. Because at the latest when one or even several important regular customers and the cooperation, things can quickly become tight for a company. It is therefore important to always take precautions. Fortunately, there are many ways to new customers.

Before we talk about marketing and advertising material, one thing should always be in the foreground: “Markets are conversations. The markets consist of people, not of demographic segments. ” These are two theses from the Cluetrain Manifesto published in 1999, which deals with the change in the relationship between companies and customers in the Internet age. In everything you think of for your company and what thoughts you have about acquisition, put the customer at the center.

A first step: Small gifts keep friendship alive

An important aspect of successful customer acquisition is sympathy. As an entrepreneur, you should keep showing your customers why they should buy from you and not from the competition. In this context, it is important to show customers and prospects the benefits they will get when they buy from your company.

Offers and discount campaigns

One of the most effective ways to convey to a customer that they are doing better with your business than the competition is with great deals and discounts. Customers are always looking for ways to pay as little as possible for the things they want to buy. Price comparisons, especially online, are very popular.

If the customer gets the same product from you as the competition but has to pay less for it, they will probably choose your offer. The advantage is obvious.

Contests and raffles

Contests and raffles are always well received by customers and are therefore popular advertising media. They address the willingness to take risks and the joy of playing and the customer has the chance of attractive prices. In other words, with a company that organizes a competition, the customer has the chance to get more out of it than with a company that doesn’t.

If you want to offer your customers competitions and raffles, you should adhere to the requirements and know the permissibilities. Among other things, you are not allowed to give misleading information and participation in a competition may only be subject to a fee with a special permit.

Business gifts

Promotional gifts are an indispensable and at the same time very effective means for companies to make themselves better known. They are usually useful everyday objects that everyone uses and needs. Items such as pens, notepads, thermal mugs, USB sticks, umbrellas, carrier bags, glasses cleaning cloths and shopping chips are particularly popular. You can have a company’s logo printed on these items. Which promotional gifts you choose should be well thought out.

The selection of products that are suitable for this is large. Don’t just have any products printed with your company logo, but if possible those that are tailored to the company. The promotional gifts ideally also have a thematic reference to the company or its advertising message. This in turn creates a stronger relationship between customers and the company. Because every time you use the promotional gifts in everyday life, you are reminded of the company by the logo imprint.

It is particularly effective if you give your customer the promotional gifts at the right moment, for example after signing a contract or a successful consultation. Then the customers think back positively to the contact with a company when using the promotional gifts.

The packaging: the eye also buys!

The packaging of a product is an important indicator for the customer in the store. In a way, it acts as a figurehead for the company. The packaging of your products has a decisive influence on the purchasing decision of your customers. So it pays to think carefully about the product packaging.

Find the right design

When shopping, a customer will always choose the product whose packaging suits him better. The trick is to keep the packaging design as simple as possible and at the same time to stand out from the crowd of competing products. In order to master this balancing act, you have to know exactly what is important and what the packaging design has to do:

  • First of all, the packaging must attract the attention of the right target group. Targeted wording and a coordinated design of the packaging are necessary for this.
  • Make sure that the packaging design matches the corporate philosophy and corporate design.
  • In order to stand out from the crowd, the packaging design must stand out without being too intrusive or uncomfortable. Choose colors with which the packaging falls out of the general grid.
  • Wrong packaging, by choosing packaging for products that is actually associated with completely different products. A special form of packaging is also noticeable.

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