Professional profile commercial specialist: tasks, salary & career opportunities

The professional title commercial specialist includes professional activity in the retail and wholesale industry in all economic sectors. An overarching job description of a commercial specialist would be the organization and monitoring of various work processes, as well as the coordination and management of a department.

In principle, a university or technical college entrance qualification is required for training as a commercial specialist. The duration of the training is 3 years and can be completed in combination with a commercial training. However, people who already have a commercial training and are active in the retail sector have the opportunity to undertake further training to become a commercial specialist.

With the degree as a commercial specialist, the graduate receives, in addition to the professional title, “Certified commercial specialist”, the qualification to move up to a more responsible position, the middle management level. As a result, the door opens into higher salary classes.


The employment opportunities of a commercial specialist include the most varied areas of specialist and managerial tasks. From human resource management, finance, buying and selling to marketing and advertising. This training provides the basis for advancing to positions such as branch, department or sales manager. In addition, this job profile opens up paths to other various middle management positions, such as key account manager, sales president or sales-marketing manager.

The completion of this training is basically equivalent to the level of a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree.


The starting salary of a qualified trade specialist usually varies greatly. This is primarily due to the fact that the field of application of this professional training is extensive. The main factor is the industry, followed by the employer and finally the region.

Another factor that influences the salary is the range of experience that the specialist has gained in the past in the field in question. In addition, people who opt for dual commercial training as a commercial specialist after completing their technical diploma can look forward to significantly higher tuition fees than in conventional apprenticeships.

Career opportunities

As already mentioned in the job description, commercial specialists usually work in the middle management level of commercial companies. Due to the wide range of specializations in the training, this specialist occupation is qualified for the most varied areas of trading companies.

With the completion of an apprenticeship as a commercial specialist, the foundation for various other specializations is also given. Among other things, trade specialists are qualified candidates for further training, such as business administration, sales ’professional, brand ambassadors or can even be promoted to deputy managing director.

Helpful training in order to specialize in a more targeted way and consequently to climb the career ladder even higher, are recommended bachelor’s degrees in marketing, business administration or management. The career options that are made possible by this profession are extensive, as is the higher salary that goes with every further education. There are various options here to complete these advanced courses while working.


The job description of the commercial specialist is varied and interesting for practitioners with leadership qualities, but also for people who like to work with people. A pleasant side effect is the higher pay grade.